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The company has 4 main product categories at this time - Rod/Wire, Ingot, T-bar & Sows. All products are tailor made to client requirements and specifications. We produce over 50 different alloys and sub-ranges of the same alloy. We excel in low Fe, low Ca, low Na, low trace elements alloy due to the high grade of virgin Aluminium and raw materials we use for all our products.

Rod/Wire : 

1350, 1370, 6101A, 6101B, 6201Grade Aluminium Rod for electrical applications.

2xxx, 4xxx & 5xxx series Aluminium Rod & Wire for mechanical applications.

Ingot :

5-10 kg ingots, in 250-1000 kg strapped bundles with/without wrapping, Alloy specifications to exact client requirements.


Sows & T-Bar :

250 kg to 1400 kg each, alloys as per client's needs, special size, shape, feature configurations possible depending on requirement volume.